The first 80/20 version of a book in the world

Today I am pleased to announce the world’s first ever “80/20 version” of a book. Now with more holography!

As I was writing information about the God’s Rainbow Connection book on the About page, I kept adding more and more content and references. It kept getting longer and longer until I realized that it had grown into what I call an 80/20 version of the book (basically a shortened version featuring the 20% of information which has approximately 80% of the value). So I moved everything I had written to a new 80/20 Version webpage. Then, I wrote several new paragraphs about the book in its old spot on the About page.

A lot of information about holography has also recently been added to the 80/20 version of the book. It ranges from the latest scientific evidence indicating that the universe is holographic to how repairing a broken hologram can be used as a metaphor of Jesus’ resurrection. In addition, it explains that holograms use the same kind of math which is found in neurons in the brain, quantum mechanics, and control system analysis. Perhaps there is some kind of underlying connection between consciousness, physics, and the error-correcting systems encoded in DNA that are necessary for life.

Attending Perry Marshall’s Evolution 2.0 book launch party

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend a party on June 13th in Chicago belatedly celebrating the release of a book three years earlier by Perry Marshall called Evolution 2.0: Breaking the Deadlock Between Darwin and Design. Perry has been extremely enthusiastic about the ideas in my future book ever since I first contacted him about it a couple of years ago. This is exciting, since Perry’s work has been an inspiration to me and many of the ideas in God’s Rainbow Connection are based on things I have learned from his Evolution 2.0 blog.

Positive Feedback at an Eclipse Extravaganza

I went to a “Great American Eclipse” viewing event on August 21 in Nebraska hosted by Perry Marshall. Perry is an engineer, business consultant, and bestselling author who is taking ideas from information theory and integrating them with systems biology, which he describes on his Evolution 2.0 website and in his Evolution 2.0 book. I am trying to further extend these ideas into philosophy and theology.

While I was traveling to the solar eclipse event, Perry looked at the latest information on my website and sent me an email that said, “I love what you’ve done with this – it’s really turning into a robust model that makes sense to me.”* I also received a lot of positive feedback about the ideas in my future book from other people who were there.

* Used with permission

Website in Closed Beta

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