Table of Contents

(DRAFT version)
Fractals / Physical Matter / Most of the Spring Feasts (≈ Easter)

  • In the beginning, a rainbow of fractals
  • Creations, Separations, and Restorations
  • A Fractal Periodic Table of “Elements” of the Bible’s Light

Code / Organizational Information / Feast of Weeks (Pentecost)

  • “Information Trimonism”: A Fractal Trinity
  • Intelligent Design vs. Random Accidents vs. “Conscious Emergence”
  • The Fractal “Big Bridges” Theory

Resurrection (God’s Spirit) / Mental Consciousness / Fall Feasts (Tabernacles+)

  • The Emergence of a Fractal Body of Christ
  • Four Spiritual Species and “Symtheosis”
  • God is Made Out of gods

Connecting the Rainbow with Love (and help write this story)

  • With the First, God(s) Created
  • Help God Take a Selfie
  • Puzzle Video Game