God’s Selfie

When I was trying to figure out how to show that the face of God is fractal and is made up of people’s faces for the book I am writing, the realization came to ask as many people as possible for help. Fortunately, taking a selfie and posting it online is a lot easier than doing something like dumping a bunch of cold water on your head for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Here is a picture which explains how you can get involved in more detail:

Help God Take A Selfie

Since computer code will be used to automatically assemble several thousand people’s selfies together to create the God’s Selfie photomosaic, there is no guarantee your picture will be used in the final version for the book. However, in the future you should be able to order an individually customized print of the face of God that includes your selfie as one of the extra items on Kickstarter.

In case you are wondering, everyone is welcome to help God take a selfie regardless of their religious beliefs or even if they are an atheist, because at this point it is impossible to tell who will choose to become a part of God. As Yeshua (Jesus) explains, there are many righteous people doing God’s will by helping the hungry and thirsty without knowing the Bible who will recognize Him as Lord and enter into God’s kingdom. Unfortunately, there are also some people who claim to be Christians but their actions reveal they do not keep the Bible’s instructions or moral code. This is analogous to what happens in biological systems, which is shown below in one of the tables from the book. Incidentally, symtheosis is a word the author has coined from Greek that is similar to symbiosis but means “together with, jointly” + “deification”:

Four Species Or Spiritual Types And "Symtheosis"

To recap, you can help create God’s Selfie by doing the following:

1. Please take a selfie.

2. Post it to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the hashtag #helpgodtakeaselfie so it can be searched for and downloaded.

3. Share information about this project with people you know in order to help reach the goal of at least several thousand selfies, which is the estimated minimum number needed. You can “Like” it on Facebook, tweet it, post it to Instagram, blog about it, tell people in person, contact the local news, or even make it into a major motion picture. OK, maybe you do not actually have to contact the local news media. However, if you are in the film industry and need a dramatic movie plot, behind the scenes the author of the book has experienced a real-life reverse Good Will Hunting story crossed with elements from the biblical narrative of Joseph (who had a coat of many colors instead of a book).

Do not forget you can also:

4. Pre-order the book and puzzle video game from Kickstarter (coming in the future).

5. Find out more about the author and book.

Thank you for helping.